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Welcome to the Davinci Resolve 17 Introduction to Fusion Course.


This is One of Four Courses under the Davinci Resolve 17 Module and focuses on Fusion, Basic Compositing and Motion Graphics.

In this course we will be focusing on the following: 


Introduction to Fusion

Discover the powerful Fusion page where you can create cinematic visual effects and motion graphics! You’ll learn the basics of the node based interface for compositing, tracking, keying and more.


Basic Compositing

Learn how to perform common compositing tasks on the Fusion page. You’ll discover how to combine separate takes to create one seamless final image and replace skies using the powerful luma keyer.


Motion Graphics in Fusion

Discover the true 3D workspace on the Fusion page. You’ll learn the basics of how to build with shapes, using views and cameras, adding lights and how to render your 3D objects into 2D.


3D Compositing in Fusion

This video expands on the advanced 3D compositing tools on the Fusion page. You’ll learn how to use the powerful 3D camera tracking tool to add objects, how to paint out unwanted objects and more!


Davinci Resolve 17 -Introduction to Fusion, Basic Compositing, Motion Graphic, 3

  • Achieve an Internationally Accredited Certificate by doing this online course. This course has an Online Video, Electronic Handbook and an Online Exam. Pass rate is 65% and a certificate will be issued on completion of course. The DaVinci Resolve 17 Module offers 4 Specialized Courses:

    • Introduction to Editing and Visual Effects,
    • Introduction to Color, Advanced Color and Delivering Content
    • Introduction to Fusion, Basic Compositing and Motion Graphics
    • Introduction Audio, Sound Design and Recording
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