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Welcome to the Assistant Directing Module.


Learning the lingo can get a bit much. Lingoes like job titles are also a little overwhelming. 1st ADs, 2nd ADs, who does what and why? In this lesson we define an assistant director by answering the question, "What Does an Assistant Director Do?" 


The AD plays an enormous role in production, essentially the AD manages the production.


In this module we will be focusing on the following: 


  • Providing insight into the Role of the 1st AD and;
  • The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to Becoming a Better 1st AD

DIFA Accredited Assisting Directing Course

  • Achieve an Internationally Accredited Certificate by doing this online course. This course has an Online Video, Electronic Handbook and an Online Exam. Pass rate is 65% and a certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

    This is a 1 day course.

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