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Welcome to the Introduction Module for Lighting.


This module is the First of Three Courses and provides you with insight into the Importance of Lighting within the Film Industry.


Lighting is not just a way of making your video look better, lighting is an essential element in your visual vocabulary. It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, if you do a lousy lighting job, you’ll get a lousy final product.


In this module we will be focusing on the following:


  • Achieving the “film-style” look by using lighting as a tool;
  • Your Basic lighting set-ups;
  • Different lighting techniques for interior and exterior shots, and;
  • Lighting techniques used in special situations.


*This Module is Available in Introduction, Advance and Master Courses.

DIFA Accredited Lighting Introduction Course

  • Achieve an Internationally Accredited Certificate by doing this online course. This course has an Online Video, Electronic Handbook and an Online Exam. Pass rate is 65% and a certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

    This is a 1 day course.

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