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Welcome to the Introductory Module for Script Writing.


This module is the First of Three Courses and provides insight into the world of Script Writing within the Film Industry.


All successful video productions begin, of course, with a well-written script and a lot of planning. Planning can involve everything from budgeting and scheduling to pre-visualizing your shots using storyboards or animation software. As pre-production is where you’ll determine much of the look and quality of your project, good planning weighs heavily on your production and post-production success.


In this module we will be focusing on the following:


  • Providing insight into the Basic Concepts of Screenwriting;
  • The Structure used when writing, and;
  • The correct Format;


*This Module is Available in Introduction, Advance and Master Courses.

DIFA Accredited Script Writing Introduction Course

  • Achieve an Internationally Accredited Certificate by doing this online course. This course has an Online Video, Electronic Handbook and an Online Exam. Pass rate is 65% and a certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

    This is a 1 day course..

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